In which things begin a little sooner than expected…

When I first decided a blog might be the way to chart the next couple of years, the plan was to get started when the museum I work in closed for an exciting reinvention and I was resident in one of my favourite local primary schools. However, it’s March 2020 and for me – as for so many other people right now – nothing is going quite as planned! Like most non-key workers I am working at home.

Lulu: sulking as I have stolen the computer chair

Who’s in the house?

Today, the crew consists of me, the 13 year old whose school closed earlier this week and three cats in varying stages of outrage at having their daily routines disrupted. We have discovered that the 13 year old doesn’t like seventies rock, which is my work soundtrack of choice, and that she apparently works better when in constant video chat mode with her friends.

From Monday, of course, there will also be the younger two children (11 and 9) as their school closes today. My partner is still working – as a supervisor for a cleaning company he’s still out and about.

Bailey: the reason I have a decoy notebook

So, let’s see what happens over the next few months… expect ramblings, thinking about museum learning and how that translates into a school residency, pictures of cats, things I’m doing to keep myself sane without my wonderful colleagues around me. Whatever I do next!

Teddy: fed up of being photographed

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