93: new year, same old me

Ah, 2022 is here – let’s ignore the fact that a meteor exploded over the US yesterday and it was the warmest New Year’s Day on record, and assume (recklessly) that we’ll all be here for the next 12 months. Therefore, in the spirit of January and new beginnings, I give you my list of resolutions. Ignore the crossed out one two, I broke that one before breakfast on January 1st. But it’s always good to cross things off lists, I think – it’s motivational or something.

  1. Don’t take up any new hobbies before you’ve finished the last one.
  2. Finish the projects before you start any more.
  3. No, not even that one. Stop it. Get off Pinterest, Ravelry and Craftsy.
  4. Tidy the shed and evict the spiders
  5. Sort through your boxes.
  6. Get another shed
  7. Stop leaving the ironing for months
  8. Read the books on the shelf of shame
  9. Ditto the digital shelf of shame
  10. Don’t add any more books to the shelves of shame
  11. No, not even that one. Unless it’s on pre-order in which case it doesn’t count as you bought it last year.
  12. Go and see the bits of the V&A you haven’t bothered with so far since you have to be there
  13. Don’t buy any more yarn
  14. Or patterns
  15. No more fabric.
  16. Eat less, move more. Insist on more vegetables.
  17. Drink the gin
  18. See friends
  19. Walk more dogs
  20. The lake is cold. Get in it anyway.

That’s it, really. Tune in next week to see how I’m getting on.

What I’ve been reading:

The Essex Witch Museum series (all of them) – Syd Moore

3 thoughts on “93: new year, same old me

  1. Great list! I feel like I ought to make something similar, especially as far as browsing Pinterest and Ravelry go, and not buying more yarn. I don’t think it’ll happen for me though! Happy New Year 🙂


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